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Success Stories

  • "I came to Fischer Health & Rehabilitation because I have lower back problems for a number of years. My back pain has decreased, and it's a pleasure to feel so much better. (And taking a lot less Advil). I like coming here because of the friendly staff and knowing that by coming here my physical well being continues to improve. I would absolutely recommend Fischer Health & Rehabilitation. If anyone is hesitant about trying chiropractic, give this office a chance. I'm sure after a few visits they will feel as good as I do."
    Michael D.
  • "I first came to Fischer Health & Rehabilitation because of terrible back pain due to being a hairdresser. Since I have been coming my back feels so much better. I really enjoy the friendly staff and prompt service at Fischer Health & Rehabilitation. I would and HAVE recommended family and friends. The benefits are endless. It is so easy to get an appointment and the service is great!"
    Karen D.
  • "Fischer Health & Rehabilitation is a wonderful, warm place. I came to them in extreme pain with 2 herniated discs. After several months of physical therapy and chiropractic care, I started to feel like myself again. With every visit I was greeted with care, concern, and kindness. At Fischer Health & Rehabilitation, they always listen to my worries and come up with a plan. I lived in discomfort for two months before coming here, but from the moment I arrived at the office I was on the road to recovery."
    Staci K.
  • "I was having chronic back pain associated with being in a wheel chair for most of my life so I came to Fischer Health & Rehabilitation. With consistent treatment with Dr. Fischer, much of the back pain has been alleviated. The staff is very friendly and helpful. They always have an answer for any questions or find the answer swiftly. I have recommended Fischer Health & Rehabilitation to people because of the caring home-like atmosphere and the knowledgeable staff."
    Ken B.
  • "Fischer Health & Rehabilitation gives outstanding care from the moment you walk through the door. My first visit was 4 years ago when I slipped in the snow. I could not walk and was in so much pain but Dr. Fischer was absolutely fabulous. His care and gentleness eased my worries and I was back to feeling better in a week. Since then I visit the office twice a week to ensure my back stays aligned and in good shape. I was truly indebted to Dr. Fischer, he helped me when I needed him most. He now takes care of my back and neck in a caring and professional manner. All the staff at Fischer Health & Rehabilitation are caring and professional. My husband and I feel like part of the family. Thank you to all the staff!! You do a great job."
    Lynn D.
  • "Growing older is not easy for any of us. However, when you've grown up as an athlete, it's even harder to accept that your body is not exactly what it used to be. I had that painful reminder two years ago while injuring my back through a careless mistake exercising. The pain in my upper back was so debilitating to my body, mind and spirit that carrying a laundry basket seemed insurmountable. Saddened by my state of being, my neighbors insisted I go to Fischer Health & Rehabilitation. Dr. Fischer diagnosed the problem and began healing me over the course of six weeks. I have remained on a faithful wellness program with adjustments bi-weekly. So, I am happy to say I am exercising regularly, sprinting after kids again and pain free! I am so grateful to Dr. Fischer and his healing hands as I continue to benefit with proper alignment, improved posture and overall wellness."
    Keri C.
  • "I came to Fischer Health & Rehabilitation in pain - feet, knees, hips, back and neck. Dr. Fischer loosened everything up - most of my pain is gone. Regular adjustments keep me doing things I love again. Everyone in the office is so friendly and helpful. They listen, they help and they care. I would absolutely recommend Fischer Health & Rehabilitation and I have already done so."
    Elaine D.
  • "Coming to Fischer Health & Rehabilitation truly made a difference in my life. The atmosphere is always warm and caring as well as totally professional. Dr. Fischer is always pleasant in his manner, and I feel confident in him treating me. His advice and judgment are excellent, and he has also provided me with important information.

    In addition to improvement in my back, I also experienced good care in the Rehabilitation facility adjourning the Chiropractic office.

    Dr. Fischer is very involved in his community and is well informed about the medical and insurance community as well. He makes every effort to accommodate his patients in every way he can. He has always demonstrated this. He went out of his way to contact my insurance company and my medical group. I have rarely seen this kind of cooperation and help."
    Judy V.
  • "I have to admit I was a little skeptical about chiropractic treatment at first, but when my son's pediatrician started talking about surgery to insert tubes into my one year old I decided to call Fischer Health & Rehabilitation. Dr. Fischer spoke to me about the benefits of chiropractic treatment and how many young patients they have treated with ear infections, so I didn't hesitate to make the appointment.

    Now, I can't thank Dr. Fischer enough for the care he has given to my son. The treatments have made a tremendous difference and he has not had one ear infection. Dr. Fischer truly cares about his patients and takes the time to listen to your concerns. And the staff is so friendly and welcoming that I feel like family when I'm there. Not only would I recommend chiropractic treatment to mother's of children with chronic ear infections, but I would recommend Fischer Health & Rehabilitation because the care you receive is remarkable."
    Jennine E.
  • "I came to Fischer Health & Rehabilitation because I experienced numbness in my left thumb after neck surgery. I felt that the repaired area was experiencing a relapse. The doctors listened and reviewed my symptoms. They started slowly and worked the area consistently. I am very pleased with the results. My numbness has gone away and I am free to continue my exercises. I like the very friendly staff. Patients can be assured they are receiving top attention and care when they come to Fischer Health & Rehabilitation."
    Mike K.
  • "I fractured my foot in two places back in February and had a bad sprain. My doctor didn't suggest physical therapy so I didn't realize I should have started earlier. By the time I came to Fischer Health & Rehabilitation I was in pretty bad shape. The breaks had healed but atrophy had set in and I needed a lot of help. I was started with basic treatment and steps which were gradually increased. The therapy and exercises during my visits has helped me tremendously. I know I still have a way to go but the rest I must do on my own by continuing with a home exercise regime. The staff has always been professional and extremely helpful. They make the necessary exercise therapy needed for repairing my injury a more enjoyable experience. There is always a pleasant and friendly attitude in therapists and staff. I am so glad I found my way here and would recommend Fischer Health & Rehabilitation to anyone."
    Geri S.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Dr. Fischer’s professionalism, his natural curiosity continually propels him to further his education and hone his skills to be a better Doctor, and most importantly, his genuine kindness, consideration and thoughtfulness, are all part of who he genuinely is. I am so very grateful to be on the
    receiving end of it all!!"
    Kate D.

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